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Desert Storm Smartwatch: Stylish but lack of smartness in look

Desert Storm Smartwatch: Stylish but lack of smartness in look

The smartphone has come out of the palm of the people, and now it has reached the wrist as a ‘smartwatch’ By connecting with the smartphone, this watch also works with the fitness band and keeps the user’s style as well. The same style and smartness combo have come with the watch out variant. The

The smartphone has come out of the palm of the people, and now it has reached the wrist as a ‘smartwatch’ By connecting with the smartphone, this watch also works with the fitness band and keeps the user’s style as well. The same style and smartness combo have come with the watch out variant. The company has introduced the SmartWatch model in the Indian market under the name ‘Desert Storm’. We tried to find out that this watch is equally smart in using this watch and used it for about a week continuously. The results that came out during the use were written in our review.


Desert Storm Smartwatch

First of all talk about smartwatch design, you will love this watch first look. The brown band of brown color in the watch gives a unisex look that the boy or girl can bind it on its wrist. Smartwatch has 44.5 × 44.5 × 12.2 mm size Doyle which comes with a silver frame. The screen is black and has brown color bands. Overall the look is quite a retractive. The hole made in the group is capable of fit in every shape of the wrist.

This device weighs only 70 grams so it will not be too heavy. Doyle has a power button on the right, which also acts as a home button during use. Doyle has a Heart Rate sensor that remains in touch with the user’s wrist. The charging port is also provided with the Heart Rate sensor on the back panel. The company has given the magnetic charger. There is a loud up speaker on the rear panel so that if you want, you can talk to it only. If you buy it, then the color of the watch band can be chosen according to your choice. It’s a good thing.


The Desert Storm Smartwatch of the watch out, Wearable, has a 1.22-inch round IPS display which supports 240 x 240-pixel resolution. The DISPLAY is quite a vibrator, and the contrast is also good. Due to this, with the need of the clock, the menus’ apparatus is also visible. The setting of the watch has the option of controlling the display.

The main display of the watch in the round shape dial is cropped downwards. It seems as if the moon is chopped down. Although we loved this style, we loved it. But this cropped part produces difficulties in the processing and menu of the watch.

Processing and Connection

The Desert Storm Smartwatch is equipped with 64 MB of RAM with the Watchout Variable. This SmartWatch has 128 MB of internal storage that keeps apps and themes alive. For processing, the MTT2502C-ARM 7 chipset of the MediaTek is given and runs on the Smartphone Watchout system. After good design, its weak hardware reduces utility. The lag will be visible during use. We were hoping for a minimum of 512 MB RAM and 4 GB memory.

The MediaTech Smart Devices app can also be used to connect smartwatch to the smartphone. At the same time, the company has also introduced the Fundu Wear app for smartphones and smartphone connections. Well, the good thing is that it is capable of connecting both iOS and Android devices. This smartwatch is capable of connecting Android 4.3 or above and the operating system and versions of iOS 7 and above. Once this SmartWatch connects, you will be able to access the contacts, calendar, and messages of the smartphone by synchronizing with it. Smartwatch did not have to work harder to connect to our phone. It is ready for full use in a few minutes.

UI and OS

Two user interfaces are available in the Desert Storm Smartwatch of the Watchout Variant. There is a shortcut in the main menu to change the UI. Bidifft company has given three themes in SmartWatch, but users can download Unlimited Themes for Free, from the Wearable Website of the Variable. Desert Storm Smartwatch works entirely on the touch panel, but the touch response is not decidedly smoother.

At times, this watch does not catch the touch of your finger and is unable to understand the direction of finger motion. The main menu can be accessed by scrolling to different pages, and due to poor touch sensitivity, the user will have trouble opening an app. However, the Motion feature has been given in smartwatch for users who have minimized the use of Touch. Includes Wakeup gesture, Shaking main switch menu and Shake to answer the call.

Fitness Apps

Watch out Variable has given its smartwatch options such as a pedometer, sleep monitoring, heart rate and sedentary. The sensor below the Smartwatch Doyle indicates the user’s heart rate. The pedometer calculates the steps that the user has taken and accordingly determines the distance covered and burned calories consequently. The Desert Storm Smartwatch Foot Stapes of the watch out tiebreak are counting correctly, but many times it takes count of sitting foot sitting movements in foot stages. You can also know the quality of your sleep after the fatigue of the day, through the sleep monitor.

Entertainment Apps

Desert Storm Smartwatch Bluetooth Music and Bluetooth Camera app are provided. After synchronizing smartwatch from your phone, the smartphone and music of the phone can be adapted from Smartwatch only. Smartwatch can be played, paused and next to the songs as well as changing the volume of songs on the phone. Right now, through the Bluetooth Camera app, you can click in the Smartwatch and click the photo from the phone’s camera. This app can prove to be great work in Group Selfie. Yes, when we connected this smartwatch of the iPhone, we had to face problems using the Bluetooth Camera app. This phone’s ringer volume was changing to click the camera feature.

Phone Features & Batteries

Watch out Variable Desert Storm Smartwatch features such as Notifications, Phonebook, Message, Doyle, Call Log, Calendar, Alarm, Voice Memo, Stop Watch, Calculator, and Clock. When synchronized with a smartphone, all these features in the phone can be accessed with SmartWatch. At the same time, this smartwatch has got 300 MAH battery for power backup. Smartwatch’s battery is full of about 10 hours without any music played on the charge. But let us know that the battery backup depends on the use of smartwatch.

Let us know that the watch out variant has not supported the ‘Notification’ for Motorola Smartphones. Similarly, you will not be able to use text messages even in Apple iPhone. But in the iPhone, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Gmail’s message notifications appear in Smartwatch. Remember, you can just read and reply.

Fit or fail

Desert Storm Smartwatch is listed on the Watchout Variable’s website with a price of Rs 5,999, which is available for sale on e-commerce site Amazon India. There is no second opinion that Desert Storm Smartwatch is ahead of look and style, but a smart user who uses SmartWatch at this price would want that there should be no compromise with the form along with the processing. There are lots of options in the smartphone, but there is a lack of smooth touch to use them here. Likewise, due to the fitness of full stages, the impediment in the pedometer prevents users from believing in the results of the hatreds, sleep monitoring, and sedentary results.


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